THURSDAY, MAY 28, 2020
DOORS: 6:30, SHOW: 8:00

AT THe bernina fashion fund showcase, YOU’LL BE WOWED BY A dozen emerging designers with labels less than 3 years old. each designer will present 5 looks for a judging panel. bernina will award the 2020 bernina fashion fund winners at the end of the night.  YOU CAN SAY “I SAW THEM WHEN…”
WE ARE PROUD TO HONOR 2020 STYLE SETTER tobie funte BENEFITTING the arc of the capital area. COME GET A PEEK INSIDE tobie’S STUNNING CLOSET and be part of one of the most inspiring shows of the season when arc clients strut the runway in the most inclusive show ever produced.
mysterious by npn

Celebrating the 5-year anniversary of Nicholas Nguyen’s debut on the Austin Fashion Week runways, we are incredibly excited to bring this former BERNINA Fashion Fund Showcase winner back for a complete retrospective of his career thus far.

In 2015, a young Nicholas Nguyen had a dream and a ton of ideas. When he first applied for Austin Fashion Week, he sent in only sketches. They were brilliant. He promised that the craftsmanship of his couture gowns and custom menswear, made by hand in his native Vietnam, would be unlike anything AFW had seen before. We took a chance on a young designer and his vision. And boy are we glad we did.

At this incredibly special show, celebrate Nicholas as he gives us a sampling of looks from every collection he’s ever created along with a brand new look into his current season. 60  looks later and you’ll have to remove your jaw from the floor.


The Arc of the Capital Area, a nonprofit organization, is committed to empowering Central Texans with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families through compassionate case management and innovative programs.

Austin Fashion Week is excited to host Arc models as we redefine what it means to be a runway model.

competing for the bernina fashion fund
Growing up in Austin, I’ve always been surrounded by an array of styles that, somehow, meld into one weird, unusually distinctive culture. A culture completely inspired by it’s people that, in turn, have inspired me to be bold, daring, and artistically tell stories in my own original way. The medium I choose to tell my stories in is clothing. By utilizing couture techniques, I seek to create something unusually distinctive, custom to character, unique to the ideas in my head but relatable to those around me. Mez is striking, one of a kind apparel that unfolds my perspective of the world.

DASHE is a local Austin fashion brand headed by Danielle Shepherd- a self-taught designer/stylist/creative director/seamstress. The brand features maximalist aesthetics under the seemingly impossible task of maintaining modern sustainability standards. All clothing is designed and produced at the DASHE atelier in Austin, TX. At DASHE we aim to amplify the vibrance of individuality while honoring our clients’ commitment to economic, environmental and social responsibilities.

As a member the the Cheyenne and Arapaho tribes of Oklahoma I have been sewing our Native American regalia for 15+ years. which I have turned into fashion with a native touch.  I am also program Director for Great Promise for American Indians whom puts on the Annual Austin Powwow.
Featured in:
Austin Intercultural fashion show 2018/2019
Red Berry woman fashion show 2018

The name Sister Virginia originated from a nickname between sisters whose tastes and styles could not be more different, or “diabolically opposed” as designer June Higgins describes it. Higgins, a lawyer turned fashion designer, decided to try nurturing her creative side when she quit her job as a vice president in the legal department of a financial services company, sold her Houston townhouse and moved to New York to attend FIT. Back in Austin to launch Sister Virginia, with a focus on fun and stylish outerwear and day looks for professional women, Higgins also works as a tutor with students at Austin School of Fashion Design. It was at ASFD that Higgins took classes that facilitated her application portfolio to FIT. All outerwear looks are cruelty free as SV uses no skins, furs or real feathers in designs. As SV is currently handling custom orders only, the looks shown at the Fashion by Austin, Bernina Fashion Fund Showcase, will officially kick off the launch of Sister Virginia.

Blueprint Signature is a conscious and ethical custom streetwear designer brand that believes that ever woman deserves designer clothing that fits her size and personality. Each piece is designed and re-made from existing garments saved from the landfills and has a corresponding DIY tutorial on our YouTube channel, BlueprintDIY. After teaching hundreds of thousands of crafty women how to make these pieces, Blueprint Signature will finally meet the demands of fans who desire to buy the pieces. Our Fall/Winter 2020 collection includes edgy re-made denims and blouses from men’s dress shirts in bold colors and prints.
Software sales by day, seamstress at Atelier Garage by night: Sydney the Label is for space cowgirls and techno goths alike.
Roses are red, boss bitches stay paid. Don’t gotta worry about fitting in when you’re custom made.
Less is less, more is more. Half tacky is just tacky, but FULL tacky is Haute Couture.
Ecuadorian art-based swimwear brand by Ingrid Ortega with an emphasis on slow fashion. Bringing art to the beach.

Diana Boch was born in Seoul, South Korea, to Mexican-American father Alfredo Miranda and ​Korean born mother Yong Nan Yun. Diana spent the first 5 years in South Korea while her father was stationed at Kunsan Air Base, before moving to the United States. From there, she lived in California, Mississippi, Texas, among others, going from military base to base.

From a young age, Diana knew she wanted to be an artist. Along her journey, she has won awards for her artwork, attended the Art Institute of Las Vegas majoring in animation, received an Associate’s Degree for Fashion Design at the California Design College, and has worked in the fashion industry, sharpening her skills and learning new sewing techniques for the past 10+ years.

Diana is currently busy working on a new clothing collection for her clothing brand relaunch, while raising a family. Diana is the mother of 4 amazing boys and is married to Myles Boch, having recently celebrated their 10 year wedding anniversary.

My name is Kierra D. Johnson.I am a recent BioMedical Science graduate from Texas A&M Corpus Christi.From pageants to dance teams and ballet I have always had a deep passion for the art of fashion.Being introduced to the fashion world at a early age taught me how to be confident and to always be different because there is beauty in everything. Here I am today 22 years old representing my brand OhMyKierraJ with that same confidence. With inspiration from my pageant days my line features all the glitz and glam possible.These pieces radiate confidence and call for attention while holding the ability to remain elegant.As a new designer I am here to bring all the gleam and glow with my line to impress the best of the best.

My brand stands for equality and freedom of creative expression. We have all been that one person who has felt different, odd, the weird kid. This brand unites all people from all walks of life. I like to integrate different people from different cultures as well as different people from different walks of life. I like to tell a story through each thread and each garment.

Growing up, all I ever wanted was to address the most eccentric without even knowing it. I want people to feel comfortable dressing as eccentric as they please without judgement. I am here to start a new wave that supposed genre and Fashion where art is anything you can get away with. We have had to smile with her white teeth for too long when our lungs feel black from the toxicity and emotions and perceptions of the world. I’m here to create that balance for Fashion.